BIN Bifrenaria harrisoniae f. alba Bare Root T362

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Healthy looking Bare Root orchid
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white flower w/yellow throat

bare root

bright indirect light

cool-warm grower

spring-fall blooming season

pictures were taken: 6-2-19

Blooming and Budding Disclaimer:

Sophie's Orchids do not guarantee any blooming or budding orchids at the time of purchase.

These orchids may be in bloom and bud for some time before the time of purchase.

Please contact Sophie's Orchids before purchasing if this orchid(s) needs to be bloom or budding.

Cold Weather Disclaimer:

Heat packs are available for an additional $6.00 for cold weather.

If the (location Minnesota): weather is below 30 degrees, and you do not add a heat pack.

We will not honor a live arrival guarantee. 

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