Den primulinum, yellow throat form Bare Root Frag T283

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Needs lots of water and fertilizer after the new growth begins
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white w/pink w/yellow throat? bare root fragrant hot to cool grower indirect light winter - summer blooming season pictures were taken: 3-1-19 1 to 2, fragrant flowers that arise from nodes along the leafless cane? needs lots of water and fertilizer after the new growth begins, lasting through late September when it is time to stop water and fertilizer until the new growths begin again. This one needs a winter rest from fertilizer, partial sun and a gradual lessening of water through the winter months until early spring when no water is needed, resume fertilizer and water in early April as new growth appears Blooming and Budding Disclaimer: Sophie's Orchids do not guarantee?any blooming or budding orchids?at the time of purchase. These orchids may be in bloom and bud for some time before the time of purchase. Please contact Sophie's Orchids before purchasing if this orchid(s) needs to be bloom or budding. Cold Weather Disclaimer: Heat packs are available for an additional $6.00 for cold weather. If our (location Minnesota) weather is below 30 degrees, and you do not add a heat pack. We will not honor the live arrival guarantee.

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