Sample Pack of Orchiata Bark & Tree Fern Substrate in One Quart Bags (4 Cups)

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Environmentally Friendly
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Orchiata - 100% Pinus Radiata Bark & Tree Fern Substrate.

Get all six samplers in Quart size bags,

4 cups of each size of Bark and Tree Fern.

 List of benefits of Orchiata bark.

Environmentally Friendly

Dolomite addition creates stable pH adjusted substrate.

Processed from NZ Pinus radiata bark (Monterey pine).

Retain structure and Re-wets easily.

Sustainable renewable man-made forests Environmentally Friendly.

100% Natural New Zealand Tree Fern Orchid Substrate.

Sustainable harvested.

Superior moisture retention, humidity levels. 

Encourages healthy growth.

Exported worldwide.

Ideal for orchids and epiphytal plants.

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